How To Blanch Vegetables Before Freezing Them

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If you've ever bought vegetables in bulk and worried about them going to waste, you've probably gotten advice to blanch them before freezing. (Rach loves to blanch veggies — like these Blanched Broccoli Spears!)

If you've never been exactly sure how to blanch veggies, though, you're in luck! Rach gave a step-by-step tutorial in her home kitchen.


1. Bring about three inches of water to a boil, before lowering the heat a bit, so it stays at a gentle rolling boil.

2. Salt the water after it boils so that the salt dissolves in the water.

3. Throw in your vegetable of choice for about 30 seconds. (If it's in there a minute, that's okay, Rach says.)

4. Take out your veggies with a spider or with tongs (if it's something like asparagus).

5. Put the veggies in a big bowl of ice water. (Or an ice bath in your sink!)

6. Take the veggies out of the ice water and bring them to room temperature on a kitchen towel. 

7. Place the veggies on a baking sheet before placing them in the freezer. 

"The reason you put it on a baking sheet is so that every piece of vegetable stays separate from one another," Rach explains. This will make your life easier later when you're grabbing however many pieces you want to cook at one time. You don't want a big, frozen pile of veggies, right?

8. After they've frozen on a baking sheet, place veggies in freezer bags, releasing as much air as possible before placing them back in the freezer. 

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