How To Carve Fake Foam Pumpkins (Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns That Will Last For Years!)

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Even though it can be fun to carve real pumpkins each Halloween, you can also use fake foam pumpkins (that you can reuse year after year) to save money and time.

(And to save you from that mess — just sayin'!)

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Spooky spoiler alert — they look just as good.

foam jack o lanterns
Rachael Ray Show

Here's what you do: 

1. Purchase foam pumpkins and a carving kit from the craft store. 

2. Carve your foam pumpkins as you see fit. 

Pro tip: Laura and Zack, the creators of Westbury Field of Screams, use a box cutter to carve their foam pumpkins.

3. Put glow sticks on the inside and you have your reusable pumpkin! 

Pro tip: If the colors fade over the years, you can always touch them up with a little orange spray paint.

Maybe carve ONE real pumpkin for tradition's sake and do this for the rest of the patch. 🎃🎃

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