“How to Get Away With Murder” Star Charlie Weber On *Intense* Fan Reaction to Shaving His Beard

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Talk about ruffling some feathers.

Charlie Weber’s decision to shave his beard for season three of “How to Get Away with Murder” set off quite the discussion among fans. So much so, the actor is still defending the choice as the hit series enters its fifth season.

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“I didn’t know it was going to be that big of a deal,” he tells Rach. “I was just trying to make a character choice. [...] It was a mixed bag. People missed the beard, people thought I looked okay without it.”

Charlie explains that he thought of his character Frank Delfino’s beard as a sort of mask, and fought to shave it when Frank was on the run—like he was “taking [the mask] off."

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Still, Weber couldn’t have possibly prepared for fan reactions.

“I grew it back, but I was a little surprised it was that big of a deal, he says. "I didn’t see that coming.

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