How to Hang Christmas Decorations Without Damaging Walls

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If you want to hang your Christmas decorations without damaging your walls with tape or the like, we have excellent news for you!

Not only can it be done, but you only need TWO things to Get. It. Done: 

Painter’s tape and a glue gun.

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As design pro and co-host of "The Great Christmas Light Fight" Taniya Nayak demonstrated on set, you stick the painter’s tape wherever you want to put your festive decor item. Then, you squirt a little bit of hot glue on top of it, making sure to only get it on the tape. Then, you stick the decor item to it, and ta-da! Your item is up and ready to go.

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And when the holidays have come and gone? All you have to do is pull the painter’s tape, which is specifically designed to not peel the paint off your walls. (Hence its name!) 

Ridiculous smart and easy, right? Watch Taniya demonstrate in the video above!

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