How To Reheat Pizza, Fries + Mac and Cheese So They Taste Just As Good The Next Day—If Not Better!

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We're all for home-cooked meals here (obviously!) but we understand the need to order take-out now and then. Plus, supporting local businesses by ordering from your favorite independent restaurants is more important than ever during the pandemic.

But what happens when your eyes are bigger than your stomach and you end up with more food than you can finish? First of all, don't let leftovers go to waste just because you think they won't be as good the next day.

The hosts of Food Network's new cooking series "Takeout Twins," Adeev and Ezra Potash, are showing you the best ways to reheat pizza, French fries and mac 'n' cheese so they taste just as good as the first time (if not better!).

How To Reheat Pizza

"We figured out the best way to resurrect your take-out pizza. It's a two-step process—and I know what you're thinking, you're like, 'Another step? Why do we need to add another step? But it's totally worth it," the Potash twins say.

Step 1: Microwave 

First, put your pizza slice in the microwave for 30 seconds with a little bit of water.

Step 2: Skillet

Then, sear it in a skillet. "What that's going to do is melt all the cheese, get everything warm, bring it all up to temp and then crisp up the crust," the twins explain.

How To Reheat Fries: In a Preheated Oven

"They need 10 minutes in the oven at 425, no oil because they've already been deep fried, they've got oil everywhere. The key to reheating these fries up to perfection is to make sure that you have one single layer of fries in a preheated oven," according to the twins.

How To Reheat Mac and Cheese: Add Cream

"Add a little bit of cream or milk and microwave it in increments of 15 seconds, and it's kind of back to life. Hands down, that's the way to resurrect your mac and cheese."

As the twins point out: "Just because they're leftovers, doesn't mean they have to look like it and definitely doesn't mean they have to taste like it!"

The Potash Twins' new cooking series, "Takeout Twins" is available to watch now on the Food Network Kitchen app.

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