How To Reverse Contour For a More Natural Look In ONE Minute

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Sure, we're all trying to stay home, but just because you aren't going out, that doesn't mean your makeup application skills have to get rusty!

Why not use some of your free time to learn a new contouring trick from makeup artist Mally Roncal, then test it out for your next work video call or virtual happy hour with friends? 

Here's everything you need to know about how to reverse contour — aka contouring made easy! 


Reverse contouring still highlights and lifts your features for a slimmer look, but it's a simpler process — you only need one light shade of concealer that works with your skin tone.

"Instead of using those dark, heavy creams or powders to make your face look slimmer or lifted," Mally says, "I'm going to use a [light] concealer."

All you have to do is put the concealer in a few specific places on your face, then blend it out — and that's it! It only takes a minute.

Mally Roncal
Rachael Ray Show


Here's where you want to apply the concealer: 

1. Underneath each eye

"This is going to brighten, this is going to lift the undereye area and really make you look awake," the makeup artist says.

2. In between the eyebrows

3. Underneath the outer arch of each eyebrow

4. On each cheekbone

"Take a little bit, pull it out towards your cheekbone, and that too is going to lift the face," Mally says.

5. Underneath the bottom lip

Then, simply use your fingers to tap the concealer out until it's blended. Bring it down the nose for a little nose contour, too. 

Watch Mally demonstrate how to reverse contour in under a minute in the video above.

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