How to Reverse Sear a Steak

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Celebrity chef and restauranteur Jet Tila always has lots of great culinary tips and tricks to share. During a recent visit, he showed us his favorite way to perfectly cook a steak every time, no matter your skill level. It involves a method called reverse searing and results in evenly cooked, juicy meat with "the best" crust. Bonus for city folks or if you're cooking steak during the winter: It can all be done without a grill!  

What is Reverse Searing?

The name might sound technical, but it basically just describes the process. Traditionally, when cooking a steak, you sear the outside first in a skillet over high heat on the stove or directly on a grill, then finish cooking the meat at a lower temperature (or in an oven). When you reverse sear a steak, you first bake it in a low oven until it reaches the desired temperature, then you sear it in a hot skillet over high heat on the stove (or a grill). 

Why Use the Reverse-Sear Method? 

According to Jet, there are many reasons: 

  1. It cooks the meat evenly all the way through to your favorite temperature. 
  2. It results in the best crust. 
  3. It's basically foolproof as long as you remove the meat from the oven at the proper time. 
  4. There's a lot more wiggle room if you accidentally cook it a little longer than intended. 
  5. You can baste the meat with some butter, fresh herbs and/or garlic toward the end of the searing to add extra flavor. 
  6. There's no need to rest the meat before slicing it. 
  7. You can bake the meat up to an hour in advance, which makes it really convenient when entertaining. 

Rach is a fan of the technique: "It's such a happening thing right now," she says. "And anyone can do this—it's so easy!" Try it the next time you buy a thick steak (for the best results, it should be about 1 ½ inches or thicker). For Jet's reverse-sear steak recipe, click here.  

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