How Trying Just One New Thing Every Week Can Change Your Life

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Playing Why Brit & Co CEO Decided to Try One New Thing Every Week for the ENTIRE Year

You may have seen Brit Morin, founder of popular lifestyle media company Brit + Co on our show giving awesome DIY tips and upping our festive factor, but this time, she’s sharing with us a new challenge: #GiveItAWeek. Like many of us, Brit found that she had a hard time keeping to her New Year’s resolutions, "I realized I had failed with these big, meaty goals," she says, "but I had this long list of small, little micro goals."

Last year, she took it upon herself to try one new thing per week, from quitting social media and makeup to volunteering, cake decorating, and learning how to dance (she felt really vulnerable at first!).

And even though her schedule as a mom of two and a founder/CEO of a company is packed, she forced herself to take 30 minutes a day, every day, to achieve these goals.

What's more is that Brit didn't do it alone! Through her posts on social media, she says, she was joined by thousands of others, who post their progress in her #GiveItaWeek challenge.

To push her even further, we challenged her to take on some of her fears for a week, many of which are pretty common. She held snakes and tarantulas, rode a mountain bike (which she’d previously sworn off after a spill), learned to hold her breath, tried a very high trapeze and wandered nearby trails at night to conquer her fear of the dark. (Spoiler alert: She called it one of the most memorable weeks of her life).

Watch her conquer her fears in the video above!

Her least favorite challenge? Intermittent fasting, where she didn’t eat for 16 hours.

Rach made it pretty clear that's not a challenge she supports, but instead helped Brit face another fear: eating "weird" foods. They munched on deep-fried alligator and sardines, one of Rach’s favorite ingredients and a childhood snack she often enjoyed with her grandfather.

Watch that go down in the video below! 

Because she's achieved so many micro-goals, Brit says she's become more confident, vulnerable and willing to face fears. 

"I can now conquer almost anything”, she says, “and anyone can do this.”

You go, girl!

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