Ingenious Way To Get The Last Of The Lotion Bottle Without Wasting Any Of It

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You probably think we're about to teach you a trick that your mom has done a hundred times over with toothpaste tubes — cutting the top off to scrape every last bit out. (After all, you know how much we love bottom-of-the-jar tricks around here!)

But wait, lifestyle expert Evette Rios takes it a step further with lotions and moisturizers. (And we could all use every ounce of moisturizer there is right now since we're washing our hands a ton, right?)

Not only does she cut the top off, but she also cuts a bit more off the bottom so that she can stick the top back on the bottom piece — and make a mini, travel-size lotion. (But don't forget to use the lotion that's left on the middle piece you eventually do away with!)

Rachael Ray Show

That way, absolutely none of the lotion (or money!) goes to waste.

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