This Injured Dog Was Rescued TWICE in One Day

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One Tuesday evening, when avid biker Jarrett was out on a group ride, he and his crew stopped at a roundabout near a wildlife preserve only to be greeted by an adorable pup who had clearly been hit by a car.

Of course, they couldn't leave him, so Jarrett actually carried the dog on his back and rode for at least 30 minutes back to the bike shop.

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When they got there, a woman named Andrea was standing in front of the shop with a colleague.

"This very broken, but very cute, little dog ran up and jumped in my arms," Andrea tells us.

And she just couldn't leave him behind!

"When he saw Andrea, he saw an angel!" Jarrett says. Aw!

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The dog, named Columbo, had sustained a broken femur with multiple fractures — but he healed with the help of a cast and staples in his legs. "Now," Andrea says, "he's healthy and looking so much better."

Rach caught up with the pup and his mom via FaceTime and asked, "Does he ever get recognized 'cause his story's out there?"

Yes, Andrea responded — through his Facebook page, which has over 19,000 followers!

Rach loved this story so much — and the name Columbo (it's the name of her favorite TV show!) — so naturally, she gifted the adorable pup with Nutrish dog food!

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