Is Joey Fatone "The Rabbit" On "The Masked Singer"? We Ask Him!

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NSYNC superstar and host of the new game show "Common Knowledge," Joey Fatone, is putting a recent rumor to rest!

The internet is abuzz with claims that Joey Fatone is "The Rabbit" on "The Masked Singer," a new TV show on FOX. Each week, celebrities sing in elaborate animal costumes that hide their true identities as a star-studded panel (including our friend Jenny McCarthy!) and audience members try to guess the face behind the mask! After "The Rabbit" performed, speculation was high that it was Joey himself.

"When people started texting me about it, like 'Hey, you're on this show,' I'm like, 'I am?'" Joey says. "When did I do it?"

Even stranger, Joey and Rachael bonded over the fact that viewers think another performer — "The Raven" — could be Rach! Due to the clue that "The Raven" is a daytime television host, people are pointing fingers at our gal.

"Not only [are people suggesting that I would] put on that creepy costume, which scares the hell out of me," Rachael jokes, "but that I would go on television with this goofy voice and sing anything!"

(Hey, you never know Rach! We believe in you!)

Fans also think Donny Osmond, Tori Spelling and Ricki Lake might be donning masks!

Joey seemed to stress that he isn't in fact behind the rabbit mask, but that he would love to be on the show as a judge in the future! (Joey judging alongside Jenny McCarthy would be amazing!)

BUT after listening to "The Rabbit's" performance, we wouldn't be surprised if he were under that mask after all — just sayin'!

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