Is There a Way To Use Less Paper Towels? We Looked Into It

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Even the strongest couples likely have one or two pet peeves in their relationship, right? When it comes to our good friend Chef Josh Capon, for instance, his wife Lori says he "has a horrible paper towel habit."

"He uses paper towels for everything," Lori says. "I think he must go through two or three rolls a day."

So, Lori was excited for them to try a product that could potentially lessen Josh's paper towel usage.

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The pair tested out reusable towels made from bamboo to see if it helped them go through fewer rolls.

Product: Bambooee

Claims that just one of their washable bamboo rolls can replace up to 286 rolls of regular paper towels.

See what Josh and Lori thought of "the un-paper towel" in the video above!

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