Jenny McCarthy's Disastrous-Turned-Impressive Quarantine Sewing Hobby Is a Lesson In Perseverance

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Many of us have taken up quarantine hobbies during the pandemic. Rachael is learning Italian, Michelle Obama took up knitting and Jenny McCarthy ultimately started sewing red carpet-ready dresses. 

But it didn't start off easy for Jenny (who also had been quarantining with seven teenage boys) ...

"I started sewing. I bought the Cadillac of sewing machines to start off, thinking that might help me," she tells Rach. "I thought this might be easy, I picked out a pattern. And I'm like, 'Okay, let me just give it a whirl.' I mean, it turned out to be a disaster. It was so bad."

"It's supposed to be a top part of a dress, but I gave up after one sleeve," Jenny says about her first attempt. "I just did not put the second one on."

BUT the story doesn't end there. 

"Anyone else would probably give up after that," Jenny says, "[but] I kept going. I got a little bit better." 

She's not kidding. I mean, we're impressed ...

jenny mccarthy sewing dress projects
Courtesy of Jenny McCarthy

"I would buy that," Rach says. "That looks excellent."

"I probably will never wear them anywhere," the "Masked Singer" panelist says, "but I wanted to do some tough little tricks." 

Uhm Jenny, if you don't wear this one, WE WILL.

Jenny McCarthy
Courtesy of Jenny McCarthy

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