3 Jump Rope Exercises To Spice Up Your At-Home Workouts

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When it comes to fitness and diet routines, we all know what it's like to hit a slump, get bored and lose all motivation. 

Well, when that happened to YouTuber Hanna Coleman, she turned to celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson's methods.

"Gunnar Peterson is the man who shapes the bodies of some of the most famous female stars on the planet — especially the Kardashians," Hanna says. "His training methods are proven to help you achieve all of your fitness goals and so many people swear by him."

"My goal for this challenge is pretty simple," she adds. "I'm looking to change up my everyday workouts."

One of the main exercises she learned to spice up her routine? Jump rope exercises! 

Below are the three jump rope exercises she and fellow YouTuber Erik Conover demonstrated.

"You can do this at home," Hanna says. "You don't need a gym membership."

1. Easy: Standard jump roping

basic jump roping
Rachael Ray Show

2. Intermediate: Jump roping one leg at a time

intermediate jump rope exercise
Rachael Ray Show

3. Hard: Jump roping with high knees

"This is like sprinting on a treadmill."

advanced jump rope exercise
Rachael Ray Show

Watch the video to see Hanna and Erik demonstrate each one.

Remember: Be sure to start out slowly if you haven't been exercising regularly or are a beginner.

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