Kid Sisters Read Bedtime Stories To 11,000 Kids On Facebook Live

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Playing Meet Sisters Who Are Making Sure No Child Goes To Bed Without a Bedtime Story

Meet 13-year-old Zaria and 8-year-old Hailey — sisters from Delaware who LOVE to read and are reading bedtime stories to kids all around the world on Facebook Live.

"Growing up, our mom always read bedtime stories to us," Hailey tells us, "and I guess that's just caught on with us." 

"We know that most kids don't get a bedtime story," the 8-year-old continues. "Parents work late, they work extra shifts, so we asked our mom if we could [read bedtime stories on Facebook Live.]"

After giving it some thought, their mother agreed — despite having concerns about them being on social media at such a young age — and now they have 11,000 followers!

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"Hailey and I were already reading to each other," Zaria adds, "and now, we're reading to kids all over the world so they could fall asleep to a bedtime story, too."

"Our goal is to spread literacy all over the world," Hailey explains. "It's so important so [kids] can grow up and be a lawyer or something like that — or even the President of the United States."

(Can we take a moment to appreciate that this is an 8-year-old talking? We're so inspired.) 

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Naturally, when Zaria and Hailey learned that Deacons Academy Montessori, a school in Ghana, doesn't have any books, they had to do something about it.

"Every kid in the world should have access to books," Zaria says. "That's why we're raising $5,000 to build their library."

Luckily we weren't the only ones who were absolutely floored by how inspiring this sister duo is at such a young age. Browseabout Books wanted to help Zaria and Hailey reach their goal, so they're giving them $5,000 to help build the library in Ghana.

Keep up the great work, girls. You're amazing. ❤️?

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