How to Make a Latte Heart With Coffee Guru From Café Grumpy In NYC

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We've all marveled at fancy latte art, snapped a photo of it for the 'gram and hesitated to ruin it. But what about trying it at home?

Director of Barista Training and Development at Café Grumpy in NYC, Joseph Al Ayoubi-Monett, walked Rach and co-host Jesse Palmer through the most basic coffee art design — a heart, of course. And it turns out that it’s actually not as hard as you might think to do it yourself!

"That's the fundamental [design]," Joseph says. "The building block."


1. Start off by pouring your foamed milk straight through the espresso, like so:

2. Halfway through, tilt your espresso cup towards the milk. Bring the milk super close to the espresso to finish your design. See what we mean?

Of course, it takes some practice to master, Joseph says — but we have faith in you!

Watch Joseph demonstrate a heart (and a swan!) in the video above — and watch Jesse give the heart design a go. (We were pretty impressed by his first try!)

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