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Lower-Sugar, Lower-Calorie Breakfast Ideas: Golden Milk Latte + Morning Muffins

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Culinary producers Jeanette Donnarumma and Grant Melton are here to help you start your mornings off right with new breakfast recipes that are lower in sugar and calories.

For the recipes, we worked with Truvia Sweetener, because it naturally provides the sweet taste you want — with less sugar.

Go ahead and dig into what we predict will be your new favorite breakfast combo.

Golden Milk Latte

"It's got cinnamon and turmeric and starts with any kind of milk that you'd like," Jeanette says. "It's a really cozy drink in the morning."

(Jeanette likes to make hers with either her homemade coconut milk or almond milk.)

GET THE RECIPE: Golden Milk Latte

Everything Morning Muffins

This muffin made with whole wheat flour is packed with grated fruits and vegetables, chopped nuts and seeds and dried fruit.

(Grant says he used to LOVE them as a kid and had no idea he was eating so many veggies!)

"I'm going to sweeten it up with Truvia Cane Sugar Blend. It has 75% less calories than sugar," Grant explains, "but it bakes and browns just like it."

GET THE RECIPE: Everything Morning Muffins

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