Meet Netflix's "Mr. Christmas," The Interior Designer Who Gives Homes Holiday Makeovers

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The host of Netflix's new series, "Holiday Home Makeover With Mr. Christmas," Benjamin "Mr. Christmas" Bradley, pulls off transformative holiday home makeovers on the show.

Get to know Mr. Christmas better and watch the video below for his demos of two at-home outdoor Christmas decoration ideas for 2020 — a wildlife-friendly fruit and veggie garland + hay feeder and a whimsical snowman wreath complete with matching decorations for your front door. Don't miss Benjamin's bonus DIY for the whole family at the end of the video above — he's showing you how to create a giant outdoor evergreen ornament made from four wreaths.

How did Benjamin Bradley get the name Mr. Christmas?

When Rach asked Benjamin about his nickname, "Mr. Christmas," he explained that while he's always loved Christmas, hosting his own Netflix show cemented the moniker.

"I have always loved Christmas, from literally birth on," Benjamin says with a laugh, "and anybody who knows me just knows that it was always my thing. Everybody has a passion, and Christmas just happened to be mine. As I got older and people learned more and more about how passionate I was about that, it just sort of took."

Benjamin was featured by the New York Times in 2018, as "a collector whose obsession is Christmas." In the story, he estimated that he has over 3,000 Christmas pieces in his collection, including over 40 Santas. Oh, and his dog, who is part black Labrador and part pit bull, is named Ebenezer (as in Scrooge) — but Benjamin calls her Ebbie for short.

"And then when Netflix came along, they really put that name [Mr. Christmas] onto me. It's my safe place, it's my happy place, it's been a go-to for me always," Benjamin tells Rach.

What is the Netflix show "Holiday Home Makeover With Mr. Christmas" about?

"It's not just about decorating," Rach points out. 

"It's really not," Benjamin agrees. "This year's really challenging for most of us, and I think the connection to the Christmases past, connections to these decorations that we have, they're important to tether us back to something that we know in these uncertain times. The show is really about honoring those traditions, maybe letting go of the traditions that don't necessarily serve us well anymore, and to really find the heart of what this holiday means."

"Much like the food that you prepare for your guests," Benjamin says to Rachael, "I think setting a background is where so much of the heart of the holiday is. It creates the memories, it makes them richer and makes them warmer. And that was really important to me that that come across in the show."

How is Mr. Christmas decorating his own home this year?

Mr. Christmas 2 trees side by side
Rachael Ray Show

"It's an ongoing process, particularly in these last couple of years," Benjamin says. "I decorate everything. So far this year I've got two trees up: the main 9-foot tree in the living room, which is all glass covered, and then it's fun to do themes, so in the den we have plaid, so I did an English/British theme with Union Jack flags and Fortnum & Mason stuff, but it's going to keep going."

How Netflix's Mr. Christmas Decorated His Home For The 2020 Holidays

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