Michael Strahan’s Message for Boys Who Want to Date His 14-Year-Old Daughters

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Michael Strahan has a warning for boys who want to date his 14-year-old twins, Isabella and Sophia!

"My dog Isaboo is 13, and she still does not date. Do 14-year-old humans date?" Rachael asks.

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Michael’s response: "Not in my house!"

But what would he do if a boy did show up at his door wanting to date one of the girls?

"I'm showing up in full uniform," Michael says. "Helmet strapped up; not just on, but strapped. Eye black. 'What you want, boy?!'"

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"It's kind of scary," he says, "because, if it were my son, I'm like, 'Hey, any cute girls at school?' But a 14-year-old-girl, you’re like, 'Stay away from boys, they’re bad.' I will admit, we totally look at it differently, because those are my babies, and they're 14. I tend to think of them as innocent, and I want them to stay that way. But they’re doing amazing; they're riding their horses and playing volleyball, and they've been just crushing it."

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