Niece Brought To Tears By Makeover For Aunt Who's Been Like a Mother To Her Since She Was 2

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Mothers come in all shapes and sizes, and a viewer named Fiona reminded us of that when she wrote in about her special relationship with her Aunt Maureen.

Fiona's grandparents got custody of her and her sisters in at a young age. At that time, Maureen chose to live with them to play the mother role in their lives.

"I had just graduated undergrad, and I chose to stay home to help my mom raise her," Maureen tells us, referring to Fiona who was 2 at the time. "I wanted to be a part of her life. And I've been there ever since."

"They didn't ask to be in the situation they were in," she continues. "Life happens and I think that's why I chose to stay with them. I just want them to feel loved."

"She's my world," Maureen says about Fiona. "So are her sisters, but we have a very special relationship."

"Without [my aunt]," Fiona says, "I wouldn't be who I am today."

So sweet. And that's precisely why she requested to honor her with a makeover.

Now, Maureen just started a new job, she goes to school at night and she spends most weekends going to Fiona and her sisters' activities, like volleyball games — so it's clear that she has very little time for herself.  

As for her style, she's a PE teacher, so she says she wears sneakers, sweats and hoodies "pretty much every day." And she admittedly only gets dressed up for special occasions, like weddings and holidays.

"I barely wear makeup," Maureen goes on.

BUT since she's jumpstarting her career, she's ready for a change.

"I want them to be proud of me," she says of her nieces. So that's where we (and a friend!) come in.

We enlisted style guru Gretta Monahan for this makeover not only because she hits every makeover out of the park, but also because Maureen and Fiona's story hits close to home. When Gretta was young, her grandmother and aunt took her in after her mom wasn't in the position to care for her anymore.

"My aunt started taking me every weekend," Gretta tells us. "She was in my life from the time I was very little — and raised me. I always say she is the blessing of my life. She was absolutely my mom."

Watch the video above for Maureen's emotional and stunning reveal. (Fiona was in tears ❤️)

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