Pineapple Pizza: What Does Rachael Think?

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Pineapple pizza (a.k.a. Hawaiian Pizza) is arguably one of the most polarizing food debates. You either love it or you hate it. 

Does Rachael like it? 

"Absolutely hate it," she says during a Q & Ray session from her home in upstate New York. "And I think it should be absolutely outlawed, unless you live in Hawaii."

"If you live literally right next to the pineapple plantation, okay, I get it, you want to put pineapple on everything," she goes on. "To me, there's a word in Italian [that means] gross, not good — schifo. I think that fruit on pizza in general is just, I can't, it's weird." 

Okay, okay, she has one exception.

"A squeeze of lemon, maybe!" On a seafood pizza," Rach explains, "which Italians, I don't think, would really abide by, because they don't usually mix seafood with cheese — but I do! John loves clam pizza. So other than a squeeze of citrus, I can't really think of a use for fruit on pizza."

And for the record, John agrees (from behind the camera)!

"Don't hate me," Rach adds. "Listen, you can eat all the pineapple pizza you want. I'm not being the boss of you. I'm just saying, it's not my thing!"

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