Pro Wrestler + "Total Bellas" Star Nikki Bella Dishes on the Single Life

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The Bellas are back — with a brand-new season of their hit show, "Total Bellas."

And, of course, with a new season comes new storylines — including what life’s like for Nikki Bella as a newly single woman.

“[Single life] is so strange,” says Nikki. “It has its ups and downs… It’s just so weird! Because [as a celebrity], you’re so watched.”

“You have this show in your life, and you have a very public job!” says Rach, sympathizing. “It’s got to be like dating in a fishbowl.”

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“Oh my gosh, totally,” Nikki agrees. “And I honestly feel like it’s harder as a woman. I just feel like you’re judged more. Like, you have to wait for the guy to do the first move, because if you’re the one to date first, there’s so much hate. So it’s been eye-opening.”

But, she says, there’s also an upside.

“[The experience has] also made me a lot stronger,” says Nikki. “Which is good.”

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Rach’s take? “You know, I think everything happens for a reason. There’s a patchwork to it. And maybe, the way you find exactly the right person is to have to go through a little extra.”

Nikki couldn’t agree more. “Every relationship is a learning experience, and it helps you grow as a person,” she says.

As for Brie? The new season explores her relationship with motherhood — to adorable, 18-month-old baby girl Birdie — and how challenging it’s been to find balance.

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“I thought I could balance everything — and as a mom, we think we can,” says Brie. “But this season, you’re going to see how I was wrong!”

Nikki actually called watching her sister’s struggle “the best form of birth control ever!”

(Nothing like a little #RealTalk!) 

Catch the season premiere of “Total Bellas” on E! On January 13, and hear more from both ladies in the video above! 

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