Proud Army Brat Michael Strahan Surprises Veteran With a Brand-New Wardrobe

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Few things are better than surprising a deserving veteran — and self-proclaimed proud army brat and "GMA Day" co-host Michael Strahan helped us pull this one off beautifully.  

Merging Vets And Players (MVP), a program started by Michael's friend and former Fox Sports coworker Jay Glazer, takes retired veteran military members and connects them with retired NFL players (and some current players) to help make transitions easier, Michael tells us.

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"When you're in the military and you get out or when you're in pro sports and you get out, the hardest thing is adjusting to not being on a team [and] not having that accountability," the former Giants player says. "What this program does is give you a new team [and] new accountability."

The idea came about because of Jay's gym, Unbreakable Fitness. Veterans would come to work out, Michael explains, but the best part would come after the workouts — when they'd sit in a circle and just talk about life.

"It's amazing the stories that these guys tell," Michael tells Rach. "You'll cry."

"They are heroes," he continues. "These young men and young women put their lives on the line for us, and they don't know us. They do it out of unselfishness, so we gotta support them."

Yes, sir! ❤️

Michael, of course, felt compelled to get involved with MVP, and he did so with his JCPenney clothing company.

Jay launched a push-up challenge, and for every 25 push-ups, Michael would donate clothing to the MVP program. And guess what — Chris Pratt, John Krasinski and Sylvester Stallone are just a few of the big names that have gotten involved.

(Michael's clothing company has donated 530 pieces of clothing already. Amazing!)

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With that in mind, it was only fitting that we called Michael in to help us surprise a 12-year veteran named David from Los Angeles who participates in the MVP program.

Not only did Michael give David a brand-new head-to-toe outfit from his denim line, but he also surprised him with a Whole. New. Wardrobe.

Watch the video above to see how grateful David was and to meet his sweet daughter, Angela, too!

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