Rach Dishes On the Birthday Meal Someone Cooked for HER

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Rach is always cooking for other people so, one viewer wanted to know what the best meal someone cooked for her recently was.

We weren’t surprised to hear that the cook in question was Chef Anne Burrell, who whipped up a seriously incredible dinner for Rach’s birthday.  

“I haven’t had a party like the party she threw for for me since I was literally a child,” gushes Rach.

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How sweet is that?

What was on the menu? A gorgeous roast chicken served with fennel, baby potatoes, sweet sausage -- and not to mention homemade ricotta on toast with cherry tomatoes and corn. Yum-o!

Of course, there was a beautiful birthday cake at the end, too.

“She’s delightful,” Rach says, “I adore my chef Anne.” She’s even listed in Rachael’s phone as “AB-Top Female Rockstar.”

Everyone deserves a break from cooking on their birthday—especially when you’ve got someone like Chef Anne to sub in!

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