Rach Sweetly Corrects John About What They Ordered On Their First Date

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Rachael & John have told the story of how they met & a funny story about their wedding night — but now, they're reminiscing about their first "alone" date, after a viewer asked about it on Instagram. And when John doesn't remember what they ordered that night, an adorable exchange ensues. 

Rach: "We ordered the same thing. Do you remember the place?"

John: "It was called Philip Marie. It was in the West Village. It recently closed forever, which is kind of sad. It was a sweet little neighborhood joint. We both got chicken under a brick."

Rach: "No, you didn't."

John: "Yeah, we did." 

Rach: "No."

John: "Chicken under the glass … "

Rach: "No, we got pheas…"

John: "PHEASANT under the glass!" 

Rach: "Thank you!" (while giving him a sweet kiss)

John: "I knew it was a bird with something over it and the bird was under the thing."

Rach: "It was not chicken under a brick. John and I first met at someone else's birthday party around Christmas. And we had a group date after that, we talked on the phone. We've been together every day since the day we met. But the first time we went on an alone date, we went to dinner on Valentine's Day at Philip Marie, which is now sadly I think closed permanently. But it was a small restaurant and it was around Valentine's Day, so they had all these special dinners. And we had — as a special dinner that night — John ordered pheasant under a glass. Sorry, honey."

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