Rachael Answers: What Do You ALWAYS Carry In Your Bag?

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Playing Here’s What’s In Rachael Ray’s Bag (the one thing she never leaves home without)

One audience member loves to be prepared and ALWAYS carries a big bag with her, so she asked Rachael: “What do you always have in your purse?”

The answer? “The most important thing in the world to me,” Rach says, “is pen and paper.”

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She absolutely always has a notebook with her, no matter where she is -- from fancy events, where she carries a tiny purse, to every room in her house.

“I have baby tiny notebooks, I have medium notebooks, I have notebooks by my bed, in my bedroom.” (That’s a LOT of notebooks!)

In fact, her work for the show, all of her 23 (and counting!) books and her furniture lines all started in a notebook!

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And get this -- as a kid, everything Rach drew—a fish, a giraffe, people, whatever—always carried a purse. Her mom would ask, “Why do you only draw girls?” and Rach would reply, “What are you talking about?! They’re not all girls, that’s what they carry their notebook and pencil in!”

TOO cute!

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