Rachael & John Reveal How They Take Their Coffee + How Much Coffee They Drink In a Day

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Playing How Do Rachael & John Take Their Coffee + How Much Do They Drink In a Day? | Q & Ray + J

If there's one thing you can trust an Italian couple to be, it's a pair of coffee lovers—and Rach and her husband, John, are certainly no exception to the rule. (Though Rach says she might take the cake!)

Rach: "I'm a way bigger [coffee drinker] than you are."

John: "I do love an espresso."

Rach: "I drink more of it than John does, but yes, we both drink coffee. Usually just one mug in the morning. Later in the day, John does an espresso. I'll do an espresso or literally a quart of iced coffee."

John: "You love iced coffee with skim milk." 

Rach: "Yes, iced coffee with skim milk, no sugar, thank you—but only in the afternoon. I like black, straight, strong coffee in the morning. John takes a little bit of milk or half-and-half in [his] coffee in the morning, but espresso, [he] just drinks straight." 

John: "That's the only way to drink espresso."

Rach: "So we're kind of reversed when it comes to the coffee-drinking."

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