Rachael & John Reveal What Their Kitchen Will Look Like In New House Being Built After Fire

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After Rachael & John's house sadly burned down last summer, they started rebuilding as soon as they could — and they expect their new home to be done sometime later this year at the earliest. 

So, how will Rachael's rebuilt kitchen compare to the beloved kitchen that she lost to the fire? One viewer asked just that — and Rachael and John answered unanimously.

Question: "Is there anything you are doing different in your kitchen when you are rebuilding it? Thank you for sharing your home!"
– Shannen, viewer via Instagram

Rach: "Nope! Absolutely nothing."

John: "Nothing! Same exact kitchen."

Rach: "I drew what my heart's content was. No tall refrigeration units. Everything under the counter. Giant butcher block counter. I made [the guest house kitchen] a baby version of that kitchen. All I miss is more space."

John: "We might upgrade the dishwasher, because I like that one better." John points to the guest house dishwasher.

Rach: "Yeah, we'll have a newer 'Avenger,' which is what he calls the dishwasher. John has a little pet name for his buddy, the dishwasher. But no, I don't think we're changing a thing. Pizza oven, stove — everything stays the same. I literally drew the house that I wanted. I drew it on a piece of paper. Architects did not start that plan, I did, which is why the upstairs bedroom that our friend Tommy stays in all the time doesn't have a full-length closet. You can only put clothes hanging halfsies in the upstairs bedroom."

John: "And we're keeping it that way for Tommy?"

Rach: "Yes, we're not even changing the stuff that was wrong with it!" Rach laughs.

John: "Sorry, Tommy!"

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