Rachael & John Swap Scary Safari Stories With Michael J. Fox

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When Rachael & John read Michael J. Fox's latest book, No Time Like The Future, they couldn't help but think of their own safari experience when Michael recounted his own trip with George Stephanopoulos & Ali Wentworth in the book.

So naturally, they swapped their scary stories.

"For our honeymoon, we went to Africa," John tells Michael. "[Rachael] was taking a picture of a baby zebra and [the] mama zebra backed up and kicked her about 20 feet in the air. I said, 'Oh, my wife just died on my honeymoon — what am I gonna do?' But she was okay."

As for Michael, he didn't face a zebra — but he did face a Cape buffalo and feared he'd face a leopard ...

"It was an amazing time. I wrote about the leopard you see and the leopard you don't see. We saw a leopard one day and we were all in our vehicles," he tells Rach & John. "And there's a leopard in a tree, and [they're] explaining to us that the leopard won't attack us and we're in this big vehicle and it doesn't recognize people in a vehicle. But if you get out of the vehicle, you're toast. And there's a gazelle hanging over the branches."

"So then, later on we went out in the afternoon and we were out with the Stephanopouloses, and they went back because it started to rain," Michael continues. "We stuck out the rain and went by a watering hole. And then we went out and saw the Cape buffalo and got frightened to death by them. And then we came back and got stuck in the mud in the watering hole. And it started to get dark. And I see a tree like the one I saw a leopard in the other day, and if there's a leopard in there now, I can't see him. It's like a joke. [I thought], 'Get my family back to camp. Get them safe. I'll sit here and wait for the repair truck to come.'"

OMG. Good man, Michael! 

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