Rachael Ray Show Interns: Where They Are 5+ Years Later

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If you've ever wanted to intern for our show (check here for openings!), you'll want to even more after hearing what a couple of our former interns are up to now.

They both took what they learned from their experiences here at our show and applied it to their current (really cool) jobs — one as a video host and producer at BuzzFeed and one as a food truck owner. 

Seriously, we're impressed!

Ashley McGetrick

ashley mcgetrick and rachael ray
Rachael Ray Show

When she interned: Season 8 (2013)

What she learned: The art of pitching informative segments!

"Everything Rachael does is fun and entertaining, but you're also learning something," Ashley explains. “I think that's really inspired a lot of the work that I do."

What she's up to now: She's been a video producer and host at BuzzFeed for three years. She hosts and produces a show called "Space Lift."

"I make over people's spaces based on their social media accounts," Ashley explains. "It's taking all the cool stuff that you love online — that you're pinning, that you're liking, that you're saving — and turning it into a real-life space that you can enjoy and live in."

How cool is that?! Get some of her most clever home décor hacks here

Dave D'Amico

dave damico and rachael ray
Rachael Ray Show

When he interned: Season 4 (2010)

What he learned: A little bit of everything!

"We were in the field department, we got to [help the] audience [department], we got to see production," Dave explains. "So we got to see every element that goes into making the show."

But most importantly, he learned the art of putting a creative twist on classic recipes — from Rach, of course!

"I always thought you had to have an office job to do well in life, but you inspired me to say, 'You can be in the food industry and still do well,'" Dave tells Rach. "I'm doing what I love to do."

Aw, we love that!

What he's up to now: Since Dave loves to cook and enjoys cooking in front of his customers and seeing their reactions to his food, he opened a food truck called Abeetz in Westchester, New York in 2017.

"Abeetz is kind of like an Italian-American slang for pizza," he explains. "That's kind of how my grandparents said pizza."

"Some of the pizzas are inspired [by] my grandmother," Dave continues, "so I named them kind of how she would say them."

See what he means in the video above!

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