Rachael Reveals What Her First Car Was — and Shares Hilarious Story of First Week With License

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Danny C. on Facebook had one very specific question for Rachael and John this Q & Ray & J:

"What was your first car?"

Right away, John responds, "I know mine."

But ladies first, of course.

"My first car was a Ford truck," says Rach. "It was a Ranger. It was eggplant-colored."

She continues, "I learned how to drive at like 20 or 22 — no, I was 22. I was very nervous. [But] I went and took the test, [and] graduated with flying colors. The guy [who conducted the driving test] was so sick of giving people licenses all day, and he liked that I asked questions. So all I had to do was go around the block and parallel park."

Which, as it turns out, is one of our fearless leader's many talents. "I'm awesome at parallel parking, turns out," says Rach. "I'm really talented at this!"

Rach hilariously noted that her entire family was convinced she failed the test because it took so long. But, in fact, it was just that her tester couldn't stop "lamenting" about how many people fail to study for their driver's test!

Her success, however, as short lived.

"The fourth day of that same week," she confesses," I backed into a stump."

Don't worry, Rach — we've all been there!

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