Rachael Shares Her Grocery List — And It's NOT Short

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When it comes to making grocery shopping lists, Rach has a process — and no, it doesn't involve the Notes app on her phone.

That's right, she handwrites her lists! And they are detailed

"What it starts out with is what I'm going to cook for the week," Rach explains, "and that is determined by my husband first and then my mother and any guests that are coming to my house." 

"People request certain things — kind of like pre-ordering from a menu — and I do my best to accommodate," she continues.

"I write down a sketch of what I'm cooking and then I make a list of what I have versus what's in my pantry."

Here's a look at one of her weekly lists:

rachaels grocery list
Rachael Ray Show

Looks like a yummy week! We spy Beer Cheese Soup, Hot Browns and All'Amatriciana on there, to — quite literally — name a few. ? 

And get this — Rach calls this an "itty bitty week." (What?!)

Well, when she cooks for 40 people in Italy for her anniversary celebrations, her list is 20 pages long, she says. And don't even get her started on the holidays

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