3 Things You Can Make With Cottage Cheese

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If you didn't already think that cottage cheese is a super versatile cooking + baking ingredient, Chef Richard Blais is here to prove it to you. We challenged him to use the protein-packed pantry staple three ways. And as always, he delivered.

"Cottage cheese is totally underrated," Richard says.

1. Cottage Cheese Pancakes

richard blais panckes
Rachael Ray Show

"[Cottage cheese] is going to give a little bit of salt to this recipe and a nice texture," Richard says. (Spoiler alert: They come out SO fluffy.)

2. Cottage Cheese Pizza Dough

richard blais pizza
Rachael Ray Show

You only need three ingredients for this one (endless toppings aside, of course!) — self-rising flour, cottage cheese & salt. And the kids probably won't even taste the difference!

3. Cottage Cheese Gnocchi

cottage cheese gnocchi with pesto
Rachael Ray Show

Chef Richard Blais calls these "the most pillow-like gnocchi that you've ever had." 

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