Use This Genius Hack To Water Your Houseplants While You're Away

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If you're going to be away for a bit and you don't want to worry about your plants at home, you can always hire someone to water them while you're gone. 

OR you can save some money and try this genius DIY hack from the "Plant Doctor" himself, Hilton Carter

If you have houseplants that need to be watered slowly, this trick basically allows them to water themselves! Here's how it works, according to the plant expert:

Cut a thick piece of yarn or rope and put the middle into a bowl of water. Dig deep into the soil of two potted plants and secure either end of the yarn in each pot. "Slowly, over time while you're away, the water will seep through the rope and then into the soil to water the plant," Hilton says. 

See what we mean? Genius!

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