Sterling K. Brown On The Experience Of Filming "This Is Us" During Covid: "It's Odd"

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"This Is Us" fans, the wait is over. Season 5 is officially underway (!!!). And Sterling K. Brown, who plays Randall — one-third of the "Big 3" on the hit show — tells Rach how filming changed amid the coronavirus pandemic and what to expect from the latest season. 

"Now that we're starting Season 5, it's a new world order. It's really interesting," the Emmy winner tells Rach. "There are all these protocols that are being put in place. These different zones that actors can occupy, camera people, hair and makeup. And then there's different zones for the crew." 

"We're just trying to keep it as safe as possible, as little physical contact as possible. The only time the actors are supposed to touch one another is when we are on camera. After we finish, we go back to these little bubble pods, so that we're separate from one another," he continues. "It's odd, but it's a joy to be able to go back to work when you haven't been able to work for six months."

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"People have been safe so far, knock on wood," Sterling adds. "And hopefully we're able to go through the season with everyone feeling safe and secure and taken care of and able to tell the story that people relate to so much."

Of course, Rach had to ask Sterling for a little taste of the new season. (Thanks, Rach!)

"It's really good," he says with a laugh. Well, we knew that already!

"Dan Fogelman, our showrunner and creator, really thought that our show had an opportunity to tackle the pandemic in a way that other shows probably couldn't and also tackle the social unrest that's transpiring in the world," Sterling explains.

"Randall, in particular — as such an interesting character, who is Black and raised in this white family — has a very particular perspective regarding this particular moment that's happening in life. And it's compelling," he continues. "You'll see him express frustrations and also express joy with the fact that Black Lives Matter is a movement that is getting attention that is international — not just amongst Black people. Allyship is starting to coalesce, which I, personally am enthusiastic about and hoping that it's not just a moment, [but] a movement that continues to sustain change for our society."

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