The 7 Areas of Life Celeb Life Coach Mike Bayer Says To Evaluate To Become Your Best Self

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Celebrity life coach Mike Bayer has worked with the Osbournes and the Jonas Brothers — and he's giving us a taste of the advice he gives in his New York Times best-selling book, Best Self.

"I believe being your best self is being authentic, being truly who you are, how you were born and free," Mike says.

And he says the best way to assess this is to look at the seven "spheres" of living your best life — and rate them. What are those spheres and how can you remember them? See Mike's handy acronym below!

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"It's really just rating your life from 1-10, looking at your social life, personal life, health, education, relationships, employment and spiritual development," Mike says. "What's interesting is usually people can, once they rate them, take a look at what area of life they need to start setting some goals around."

After you do this assignment, look at your ratings and really think about which areas of your life you need to address. (In other words, focus on the "spheres" with the lowest ratings.)

And this is the question Mike suggests asking yourself to get started:

"How would [your] best self approach that area of [your] life to improve it?"

As Mike taught one of our studio audience members named Alicia, the first step is identifying who your best self is and who your "anti-self" is. (For example, Alicia says she feels like her best self when she's cycling!) Then, set goals that will help you be that version of yourself more often.

Pro tip: Mike had Alicia draw her best self and her "anti-self" so she always has visuals to refer back to.

This self-assessment, Mike says, will keep you from getting to a point where you're overstressed and potentially jeopardizing your health.

We got this, everyone!

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