The Best Way To Grate Whole Nutmeg

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Playing How Rachael Grates Whole Nutmeg | Q & Ray + J

Rachael often suggests using freshly grated nutmeg in her recipes — like in her Pumpkin & 'Nduja Rigatoni or Cheesy Mashed Potatoes — so one viewer reached out to ask how much of a whole nutmeg you should use.

Question: You often recommend using freshly grated nutmeg. When you grate nutmeg, how deep can you grate — aka how small do you grate the nutmeg?
- Connie, viewer via Facebook

"Use the entire piece of nutmeg," Rach says.

"[Grate nutmeg] on the zester side of your microplane or grater," she adds. "The smallest grater that you have."

(Just don't grate your fingers, John quips — though Rach says she has accidentally done that before!)

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