The Big Lebowski's John Turturro Breaks Down His Most Iconic Roles

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Take a scroll through veteran actor John Turturro's IMDB page and you will be amazed (just like our girl Rach!) at how many remarkable roles he has gotten to play. (It's no surprise because he's so talented, but you know what we mean!)

We know our faves ("Do The Right Thing," for one), but what are his?!

While chatting with Rach, John first recalled his 1997 film "The Truce," which was based on the memoir by Primo Levi (John played Primo in the film). For the role, he had to get very thin — so thin that an English tabloid magazine called his mother to ask her about news that he was dying.

According to John, that didn't go over very well. (Hear him explain in the video above!)

John then went on to do "The Big Lebowski," "O Brother, Where Art Thou" and more movies with the Coen Brothers. (And he has quite the story about his time as Jesus Quintana in "The Big Lebowski." Watch in the video above!)

John says he actually did a character similar to Jesus Quintana on stage prior to the film and that it's based on someone he met!

(For the record, we agree with Rach — this film is iconic.)

John also touched on his over 30-year friendship with recent Oscar-winning and legendary director Spike Lee.

"One of my favorite things I did with Spike — [though] everyone always talks about "Do The Right Thing" — was Jungle Fever," John says, adding that he incorporated a lot of personal experiences as Paulie Carbone in the film.

Next up for John? His newly released film "Gloria Bell" with Julianne Moore!

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