Therapy Golden Retriever Ellie "Taste Tests" Foods in Viral TikTok Videos—And We Can't Stop Watching

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Meet an amazing golden retriever named Ellie who has gone viral for showing off her skills as a therapy dog—and we can't get enough of her.  

Neither can anyone else.  

Her owner, Kevin Bubolz, created a TikTok account for Ellie called @EllieGoldenLife in the hopes of "spreading smiles"—and Ellie now has four million followers.

"Ellie volunteers at schools, hospitals, nursing homes," Kevin says, "increasing the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of others." 

The account features lots of cute content with Kevin and Ellie, but one video series that went especially viral shows Ellie playing a game of "This or That" while taste testing various foods and dog treats. (It's obvious why we especially love these videos!) As part of Ellie’s training to be a therapy dog, she was taught not to be aggressive around food, as dogs usually are—so that allowed her to develop this special "taste testing" skill.  


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After tasting each of the two foods that Kevin puts in front of her, Ellie chooses the one she likes most to eat. Can you handle it?? 

Once you watch one of these adorable TikTok videos, you'll understand why four million people love this golden retriever so much. Can't get enough of Ellie? Learn more about her here.

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