These 911 Operators Watch Rachael Every Single Day — So She Gave Them All a Sweet Surprise

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All season long during our 13th season, we celebrated the number 13 and made it lucky! We did this by honoring some of our most deserving viewers — and surprising them as part of our "Lucky 13" series.

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When we heard from a group of 911 dispatchers in Waterford, CT, who are huge fans of Rach and our show, we invited them to be in the audience for a taping.

Little did they know that they were there to do more than just watch — they were actually part of our Lucky 13!

Four of the dispatchers — Laurie, Jodie, Mariaha and Tina — were there to represent the team. There are five other dispatchers at the Waterford 911 Center who stayed back to answer the calls. Talk about dedication!

"Anyone can answer the phone. It's what you do with that call once you pick up that phone that defines you as a dispatcher," Laurie says.

"Our shifts are … very grueling," she continues. "We find commonalities — and we found a commonality through the 'Rachael Ray' show."

Since it is such a demanding job, Rach wanted to reward the team's hard work. So, she's sending them all on a trip to The Lodge at Woodloch, a destination spa resort.

Meet the dispatchers and hear their inspiring story in the video above.

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