This Is The Best Way To Store Electronics, According To a Professional Organizer

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We all know someone (and hey, maybe it's even yourself), who has boxes of old electronics they don't know what to do with — from tangled cords and outdated cell phones to remote controls and long-lost cable boxes. Electronic clutter only seems to be getting worse, and we aren't sure how to organize it!

In the case of studio audience member Kristina, she holds onto old remote controls in case she has kids one day and wants to show them old technology.

Need proof of Kristina's clutter that's bothering her boyfriend Louis?

Electronics Clutter
Rachael Ray Show

Well, that's where professional organizer, Peter Walsh, comes in to tackle what he calls "I might need it one day" clutter.

"The first thing you have to do is let go of the things you're never going to use," Peter tells Kristina. "I know that may sound tough, but this is really holding you back. And if it's causing problems in your relationship, today's the day to jump on that."

How so? Well, this is what Peter *actually* does in his own home!

He recommends labeling four boxes as such: Look, Listen, Travel and Data. Then, you sort the pieces you want to hold onto into the correct boxes.

Electronic Organizing System
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Look - Anything visual (ex. TV remotes)

Listen - Anything audio-related (ex. iPod and accessories)

Travel - Anything vacation-related (ex. plug adapters)

Data - Mini flash drives and such!

Peter says this method of organizing "forces you to set a limit" and "forces you to go through the items and let go of stuff you don't need, use or want."

In terms of all those cords, Peter says you need to first make sure they work. Once you do that, label the ones you're keeping with a simple piece of painter's tape and a marker.

If you're struggling with how to figure out what to get rid of, here are some simple questions to ask yourself:

Ask Yourself Graphic
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When answering, be honest. Peter says if it's longer than a year since you used something, it's time to let it go.

But after we sort through our clutter, what do we do with our leftover electronics?

"Recycle batteries," Peter says. (You can do an quick internet search for locations near you that recycle electronics!)

Peter also gives a heartwarming idea of what you can do with your old cell phones.

"Women's shelters and places like that love to use cell phones," Peter shares. "So you should really pass them on to people who would use them."

What a wonderful idea!

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