This Man Stands In as "Dad" For Couples Getting Married Without Parents' Support

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A father from Tennessee posted on TikTok offering himself as a "stand-in dad" at same-sex weddings—and created a beautiful movement called "Stand in Pride." 

"Stand In Pride is a group that connects members of the LGBTQ+ community with other members and allies for emotional support or to physically stand in at life events such as weddings or graduations," Daniel explains. 

Daniel and his husband have been together for 22 years. "After getting married, I realized from feedback from people how isolated they were and how they didn't have family for big events," he says.  

Ultimately, the idea was born out of a TikTok video he made back in January 2021. In the video he said “If you are a same-sex couple that's getting married and you do not have biological parents there to support you, please let me know.” 

"The response I got was surprising to me because so many people wanted to do the same thing," says Daniel. 

"A lot of people in the community don't have supportive family just to walk them down the aisle," he explains. He recently stood in as "dad" at a wedding for a woman named Keisha who was marrying a woman named Burnedette. "We had messaged each other multiple times over a few months, but meeting her for the first time and being part of her wedding was, I really don't have the words to describe it. It was a beautiful occasion and I was honored to be there for them," Daniel says.  

Daniel decided to create a Facebook private group initially to allow those looking to do what he does—acting as a stand-in—to connect.  

"In the beginning, I thought I was just starting a group to help connect those who needed stand in family at their wedding, but the group on its own just evolved into becoming more of a support system. Now, we are at a little over 44,000 members," he adds. Wow, that's incredible!  

"I want to cultivate this community and make sure that those seeking support are seen. It's truly a labor of love," he says. Such an inspiring story.  

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