TikTok Viral Family Explains Important Reason They Do "Fancy Restaurant" Dinners For Kids at Home

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Getting kids to try new foods and be well-mannered at a fancy restaurant can be a challenge sometimes—or most times. Parents Shena and Naveen went viral on TikTok for bringing the upscale dining experience into their home, by making fancy dinners for their kids—Royal, Reign, and Halo—to teach them important life lessons.  

"We do a pretend play exercise where we give the kids a three-course luxury fine dining experience," says Shena.  

And Shena is definitely not new to cooking fancy meals—she's been making them for her husband for years.  

"The first meal I ever made for my husband was really fancy. I had the floating candles and everything. I've always been into plating and so my kids are used to that," she says.  

So, it was just natural that she'd continue making those meals for her three kids—and they absolutely love it.  

"We have three gorgeous children: Royal, Reign and Halo. They've always been used to mommy going the extra mile for them, but the 'Fancy Restaurant' does a lot of things. It started to help us teach them etiquette," says Naveen.  

"How they treat their servers is very important to us, that they know how to treat others—and also how to keep an open mind when it comes to different foods," Shena explains.  

It's been the "Fancy Restaurant" dinners that have taught these kids to enjoy foods that children often are not as open to trying—like octopus. 

"Now they get excited about the opportunity to explore something new on their plate, which is kind of rare for children," says Naveen. We'd definitely agree!  

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