Too Many T-Shirts? Here’s How to Organize Them

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Playing Organizing Pro Helps Viewer With WAY Too Many T-Shirts Get Her Closet Under Control

Like many of us, our viewer Lesley has A LOT of t-shirts. Sporting events, charity events, and other occasions have led to piles that are out of control. We called in organizer professional Peter Walsh for some spring cleaning help.  

"Lesley is saying she wears these shirts all the time, and there's no way that's true. I can tell you right now she doesn't wear them all the time. She wears the top third, washes the ones she likes the most, and puts those on top. She can take the bottom third of her piles and get rid of them all now," says Peter.  

"She can do the same in her dresser because we all do this, we wear the top third and never touch the bottom 2/3," he adds.  

"If she really wants to be able to see them and find them easily, put them nicely in a closet, fold them nicely in a nice hanging organizer, so when she opens her closet she can see them all," Peter explains.  

"And set a limit, this is crazy! This is what wearing elastic waisted pants has done for all of us, we need to get out of this. And Lesley, once a week, you need to dress up when you're working from home, walk out of the front door and come back in and say, "I need to work today." Everyone is falling into this sweatpants/elastic waist sloppiness, and we need to get out of it!" Peter says. Definitely a good idea! 

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