Trendy Decor Idea: How To DIY These Pretty Painted Pineapples

painted pineapples
Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired September 28, 2018

When Jove Meyer — one of NYC's premier event planners and host of his own podcast, "Wedding-Ish" — visited, he not only gave us his top tips for throwing a party on *any* budget, but he also showed us a super fun way to add color (and lots of it!) to any party.

By painting pineapple leaves for vibrant centerpieces!

(I mean, just *look* at them! ^)

"Paint them two days before guests arrive," Jove suggests. "[And] after the party, you can still serve the pineapple."

So smart!

"There are many ways to paint a pineapple," he tells us, "so it depends on your time and preferences."

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If you spray paint the leaves, Jove advises, make sure to cover and wrap the base so you only spray the top part. Also, be sure not to over spray, as that will cause the paint to drip.

"I always suggest wearing gloves for this and doing it outside," Jove continues.

Oh, and don't forget to put newspaper or craft paper down to protect whatever area you're DIYing in!


If you don't spray paint, you can paint the leaves with a foam brush and acrylic paint.

(You should cover the body of the pineapple in this case, too, Jove suggests.)

And when it comes to the acrylic paint, don't overbuy, he warns!

"You will not need as much paint as you think per pineapple stem," the podcaster says. "I suggest the 2-oz. bottles, [so] you can get as many colors as you like!"

In terms of coats, Jove says one coat should work, but it depends on the color you are going for. For lighter, brighter colors, you may need two coats, he tells us.

For the first round, focus on getting it fully covered — which Jove says should take 10 minutes or less. Then, let it dry overnight. The next day, you can return with a smaller paint brush for the nooks and crannies.

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