Ty Pennington's Home Tour: See Inside Florida Home The "Extreme Makeover" Alum Built For Himself

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Ty Pennington is famous for building + renovating other peoples' homes on shows like "Extreme Makeover" and "Trading Spaces" (and he has a new HGTV show coming, called "Ty Breaker")—but today, he's showing us inside the home that he redid for himself in Florida. 

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"As you know, I built over 230 homes, I think, across America," Ty says. "And eventually, I decided to build my own home, because my mom was like, 'Why don't we have one?' It was basically built in the '40s. It was a fishing cabin." (While he started with the original home's foundation, Ty changed it so much, he essentially built the home from the ground up!)

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Ty Pennington
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living room
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"I was able to take an old picture of me and friends surfing, blow it up really big on the wall and actually have the TV projected on it," the home makeover expert says. "So when the TV's off, you never actually even notice that it's there because it's just artwork."

tv artwork
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"I did cypress on the ceiling," he continues. "Cypress, as you may know, is really indigenous to Florida. It's also got that really orange, bold color that I love so much."


indoor porch
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"I think this is my favorite room in the house, and here's why," Ty explains. "Once Covid hit, I had to sort of separate myself from my mom to make sure she was safe, so this became my own personal apartment, which is great. It has not only an area where you can hang by the fireplace, but also, it has a separate kitchen area."

"The other cool feature in this room I designed is these accordion doors," he goes on. "They open on both sides. A breeze comes through, but it also connects you to the rest of the house."  

sliding doors
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"[It's] basically the bedroom apartment that goes with [the porch]," Ty says. "I think it turned out very cozy." 

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"Designing, I've always tried to keep it really simple, but use natural materials," the "Extreme Makeover" star says. "So the cypress on the [indoor] ceiling, you'll also see on the outside. It has a catwalk that goes all the way around, [so] you can access the house not only from inside, but also the outside."

"This is a grapefruit tree, which is really amazing, because as this grows, I'll be able to walk around and get the fruit, which I'm kind of excited about." 

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"The other cool thing about the courtyard area is when you're done surfing, you can store your boards and then we've got a nice outdoor shower with hot and cold water," Ty explains.


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"I gotta say, it's kind of the perfect size," the design guru says. "I wanted to make sure we had enough room that you could swim and then you sort of run out of space and gotta turn around, but that's okay. I call it a short lap pool."


Rachael Ray Show
Rachael Ray Show

"The house really connects the outdoors with the indoors, which is my favorite part, because not only living here in Florida where the weather is usually good — but it's also great because of the view," Ty says. "At the end of the day, it's really nice to go to the end of the dock, sort of unwind, check out dolphins and maybe even catch the sunset. It's usually a pretty good sunset."

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