Want Your Fresh Flowers to Last Longer? This Ingenious Vase Makes It Easy

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Ah! Is there anything more beautiful than a fresh bouquet of flowers in your home? 

Not really — until, that is, they start begging for maintenance! 

Not only do freshly cut flowers require frequent water changes, but they also like a good stem cleansing and the occasional trimming, too.  

TLDR: messy and a pain!  

But there IS an easier way! 

Our gadget queen Chi-Lan Lieu says she's found a solution that’ll help you keep your flower arrangements looking beautiful longer with less effort: the Amaranth Vase. 

"The Amaranth Vase makes taking care of your fresh flowers so easy with three steps," Chi-Lan explains. "Just twist, drain, and trim!" 

The Amaranth Vase

The Amaranth Vase


Instead of taking all of your flowers out of the vase, Chi-Lan says, "All you do is twist the bottom to drain the old water, take off the bottom to trim your stems, and put the bottom back on to add water." 

(Honestly, we're floored at the genius!)   

And the vase isn't just functional — it's pretty, too. It comes in six colors — including pink, gray, and mint — and two sizes. Plus, unlike your traditional glass and ceramic vases, the Amaranth Vase is made from a blend of marble powder and plastic, so it won't chip, crack, or shatter, even when dropped on the floor." 

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