We Taught These Men How to Stop Wearing Clothes That Are Too Big -- And They Look SO Much Better Now

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Playing How to Shop for Men’s Wardrobe Basics That Fit: Suits + Denim

Whether it’s casual wear or dress wear, the male wardrobe is built upon a few essential categories. But just because they’re basics, doesn’t mean they can’t be done poorly.

As the pre-makeover look of these viewers’ husbands prove, men are just as prone as women to falling for the classic of fashion faux pas of wearing something just because it’s in their closet, or because something’s comfortable.

We also have a theory that it might just have something to do with being impatient in stores too. It’s fiiiiine honey, let’s go!

But putting a little bit of extra effort into buying clothes that actually fit can make a HUGE difference.

Lifestyle and fashion expert Tommy DiDario joins Rach in the studio to give these three hubbies a tutorial in how to shop for a suit, a pair of jeans and swimwear.

“Basically, we’re trying to make the women happy,” Rach chimes in.


Viewer Chris Anne’s husband, Sunny, lost 60 pounds and still hasn’t gone shopping for a new suit!

“He needs to learn how to dress the new body,” Chris Anne says.

“Congratulations to him for making such a big health choice in his life!” Rach adds.

A new, properly-fitting suit sounds like the perfect way to celebrate his svelte new figure, right?

Watch the big reveal in the video above!

Here are Tommy’s pointers for picking the perfect suit:

– The suit jacket: The top button of your suit jacket should hit right around the belly button, and when you raises your arms, the cuffs of your dress shirt should pop out half an inch. “Those details matter!” Tommy says.

– The suit pants: There’s no such thing as an “off-the-rack” suit, Tommy says. Even if the jacket fits pretty well, your suit pants will always need to be tailored. The proper, tailored length, according to Tommy, is no break for a more modern, contemporary look and what’s called a “half break” for a slightly more conservative look. (FYI: The so-called break of a pant leg is at what point the pant hits your shoes.)

– The tie: Your tie should never be wider than the width of the suit lapel; as a rule of thumb, the sweet spot is 3 to 3 ¼ inches.

Bottom line: Get your suit tailored. The right tailoring “can make the most inexpensive suit look like it cost thousands,” Tommy says.

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“My husband needs new jeans!” viewer Nicole exclaims.

And Rach couldn’t agree more. “They’re literally going to fall right off of him and become jean shorts!”

Thankfully, Ray is looking quite stylish in a new pair of dark denim jeans.

“He really does look younger, thinner, taller, everything!” Rach says.

“He looks sexy!” Nicole exclaims.

See for yourself in the video above!

Here are Tommy’s pointers for shopping for men’s denim:

– When you’re shopping for jeans, you’re looking for three things: fit, wash and rise.

– Fit refers to the width of the leg of the pair of jeans. “You never want to go for bootcut or a relaxed kind of denim — that’s going to give you the ‘Dad jeans’ look,” Tommy says. His advice: Always go for straight cut denim, which is slightly tapered, but still relaxed and not too tight. “It’s the perfect fit,” Tommy says.

– Wash refers to the color of the denim, and Tommy’s advice is to only go for a dark denim wash — Steer clear of light denim, or denim that’s been deconstructed in any way. “Dark denim is your best friend!” Tommy says. You can wear it from day to night, and it’s perfect for a date night. “Put a blazer on and it’s sophisticated and elevated,” Tommy says.

– Rise refers to how high (or low) the waist goes. Tommy’s advice: Always shop for mid-rise, which sits on your natural waist.

– One tip on size: “You want to do the pinch test,” Tommy says. “If you can pinch an inch of fabric [on the sides of the leg] you’re wearing the right size.”


Viewer Farrah laments the fact that her husband has been wearing the same swimsuit for 30 years.

“My husband is in need of a new bathing suit,” she says.

“I think guys get nervous and awkward at the swimwear rack and just grab stuff,” Rach says.

Here are Tommy’s pointers for guys shopping for swim trunks:,“Swimwear is not pants. I don’t want to see pants. Show a little leg!” says Tommy. Here are the rest of his tips:

– Look for an inseam of 6-7 inches — basically, the suit should hit right above the knee, which will make you look longer, leaner and taller.

– The waist of the suit should sit on your waistline naturally. “You don’t need the strings, the velcro, the buttons to hold it up,” Tommy says. (Those are just fashion details.)

– The suit fabric should gently hug the leg — avoid parachute pants.

– Tommy’s rule of thumb for prints, patterns and color? One pop of color is okay but don’t mix more than 3-4 colors, max. For prints and patterns, subtle is more. Go for one consistent design, rather than a mix of designs. But pick a pattern that appeals to you. Stripes, polka dots, pineapples, why not?

See how Sha looks in his new-and-improved swimsuit in the video below!

How to Shop for Men’s Swimwear

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Playing How to Shop for Men’s Swimwear

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