We Tried It: Kitchen Product That Claims to Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs For You—Too Good To Be True?

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Let's face it -- no one *likes* peeling hard-boiled eggs. But if you're anything like our culinary producers, you do it a lot regardless.

"Rachael loves celebrating any holiday with deviled eggs, so we go through a lot of deviled egg recipes on the show," culinary producer Tina Wu says. "We're always peeling eggs."

(… like three to four DOZEN at a time.)

So when Tina came across a kitchen product that could peel the eggs *for* her, she had to see what it was about.

PRODUCT: Eggstractor
CLAIM: "It's supposed to peel hard-boiled eggs," Tina says.

Watch the video above for her review. (You might even LOL a little bit!)

Plus, get the recipe for Tina's Japanese-Style Potato Salad, which she makes with -- you guessed it -- hard-boiled eggs!

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