What Is Memory Clutter And How Do You Deal With It?

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Did you know there's a name for all of the sentimental items you've been collecting over the years? You know — all the artwork, plaques and medals you can't seem to part with?

It's called "memory clutter" (or sentimental clutter), and professional organizer Peter Walsh knows how to tackle it.

"Memory clutter — this is the stuff that you're worried if you let go of, you'll lose the memory," Peter explains.

But if you're looking to downsize, like studio audience member Natalie, or you're just looking to make more space, some sentimental items inevitably need to go — and you have to begin by finding the truly treasured items in the pile.

"When everything is important," Peter says, "nothing is important."  (He has a point!)

So, get your family's opinion on what's most important to keep and display the "best of the best" with honor and respect.

For instance, though her sons are grown and out of the house, Natalie doesn't want to get rid of all of their medals — so Peter made a beautiful board display of their most treasured accolades.

Medal Display
Rachael Ray Show

And for the stuff that doesn't make the cut, Peter suggests you take photos and make a memory book to commemorate those items before letting them go.

What would we do without his organizing wisdom?!

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